Fabric Relaxing Machine

Fabric relaxing machine to eliminate the tension of knitting fabric, keep warehouse tidily

Product Overview:

  Fabric width reach to 80" (V-FR-2L reach to 88").
  Roller and rocker speed adjustable, with rewinding function.
  Movable wheels, also with option for counter yard (meter).

Model V-FR-2 V-FR-2L V-FR-2M
Power supply 1P/22V 1P/22V 1P/22V
Fabric diameter 500mm 600mm 500mm
Fabric weight 80kgs 100kgs 150kgs
Width of roller 80" 80" 80"
Speed for inspection 0-80yards/min 0-80yards/min 0-80yards/min
Wagging width 60cm 60cm 100cm
N.W/G.W 170/200kgs? 185/230kgs 230/260kgs
Machine dimensions 245x80x120cm 265x80x120cm 288x96x135cm
Measurement 253x80x142cm 277x80x142cm 288x96x145cm
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