Senior Double Conveyor Garment Fabric Shrinking And Forming Machine

Senior double conveyor garment fabric shrinking and forming machine

Product Overview:

  Check which model you need, we have steam humidification zones, one drying & setting zone, or one cooling & setting zone.
  Sensor monitor the process of cloth entry, cloth roller adjust by screw.
  Heating system by electric, top and bottom steam is circulation.
  Steam temperature 125~185 degree, cooling system is powerful.
  Auto fabric conveying device keep a certain vertical arc between fabric and conveyor, make sure the fabric without tension.
  Suction hood device absorbs residual steam to keep workplace fresh.
  Fabric unloading device through swinging rocker arm to fold cloth.
  Length measurer inform accurately length and shrinkage.
  With fabric vibration device.

Model V-20000II
Shrinking width 2050mm
Convery form High temprrature mash conveyer belt
Steam consumption 150kg/H
Converying speed 0-40y/min
Adjustable temperature limits 125-185
Footage measurement Imported Yard Meter
Power 20.5kw
Measurement 530x268x235cm
Voltage 380V 50Hz
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