Automatic Pocket Attach Machine

Automatic pocket attach machine slope working plate for jeans

Product Overview:

  V-T3020ATP series machine with original brother pattern sewing machine head, also can choose Chinese machine head.
  V-T9000ATP series machine with original JUKI 9000 lockstitch machine head, also could be Brother 7300A lockstitch machine head.
  Automatic stacker working with multi-stage process, suitable for adults products also suitable for Children products and shorts. 
  5~6pcs pocket per minute, 10 hours around 3000pcs pocket, and one person could operate 2 machine.
  Pocket maximum size 250*240mm.
  With options for easy change clamp, around 3 minutes could change the design.


Model V-T3020ATP
Needle DPx17-#18
Speed 2800rpm
Voltage 220V
Air pressure 0.5Mpa 1.8L/min
Weight 400/450kg
Measurement 185x140x145cm
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